Transforming the way things are made

The time to rethink manufacturing is now and software will define what comes next.

We enable manufacturers to future-proof their factories — with intelligent, software-first solutions that provide the flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiencies required to operate in today's dynamic world.

Evolving landscape

Manufacturing has reached a breaking point

Global disruptions, unfilled jobs and high attrition rates have caused companies to question everything, from how and where products are made, to who, or what, makes them. Manufacturers know they must break from the past in order to build for the future. The question is not when, but how?


Trade disputes, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and a global pandemic have all contributed to companies actively evaluating options to reshore production to mitigate future risks.  Unlike manual labor, the cost of implementing automation varies little across geographies, allowing you to move production from low to higher labor cost regions so that you can build closer to where you sell.


Creating a more distributed, multi-site factory and supplier network enables manufacturers to quickly and more easily relocate and rebalance capacity in response to market changes. This requires greater, more flexible automation (to maintain or reduce costs as your footprint expands), as well as a scalable, software-based approach to replicate production across locations.


As the labor relationship between humans and machines evolves, so does the set of skills required.  Simple, easy-to-use technology – designed and delivered in a way that is intuitive to understand and operate – will be critical to retain and empower this generation’s workforce and the next.


Smaller footprint, automation-based factories typically require less floor space, have lower scrap rates, and can be located closer to end-customer markets. As a result, they can be designed to be more energy-efficient and transportation light – reducing pollution and minimizing excess production and waste that have historically harmed our environment.
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Intelligent Automation

Our software-first approach

We deliver modern manufacturing solutions that are intelligent, flexible, and scalable – driving greater resiliency and transparency across your entire production network.

Customer Deployments

Driving impactful change for our customers

“Bright Machines is helping to usher in a new era of manufacturing where intelligent, software-defined machines build products autonomously and efficiently.”

Marcus Behrendt, partner BMW i Ventures

“Bright Machines is the right automation partner for us due to their simple, but very well thought out approach. It’s obvious the team comes from the world of manufacturing and knows my business.”

Albert Yanez Sr., Corp. EVP & President of the Americas Asteelflash

“With the installation of our first Bright Machines Microfactory, Argonaut’s customers will benefit from more product options while we increase our manufacturing flexibility. Our partnership with Bright Machines is instrumental as we continue building our operations and scaling our client base.”

Chris Duffy, COO Argonaut Manufacturing Services

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Moving manufacturing forward

With solutions that are intuitive to use and easy to integrate, companies across industry verticals are using Bright Machines to boost efficiency and productivity while cutting costs.

Awards and recognition

Bright Machines is proud to be recognized by leading organizations for our efforts to drive innovation and excellence in manufacturing.

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We work with you to apply our industry expertise and technology vision towards redesigning your manufacturing operations for whatever comes next.