Abhishek Pani

SVP Product Management

Meet Abhishek

Abhishek is a senior product leader with experience in driving key business outcomes and customer growth at enterprise companies. Most recently, he built and lead a 100-person team of AI/ML Scientists, Product Managers, and Data and Software Engineers at Adobe where they created a new class of products for the company’s enterprise customers in analytics, experimentation, visual content understanding, experience optimization and optimal planning. His team also built the core data science and decisioning stack for driving growth and customer experience across Creative and Experience Cloud orgs within Adobe. Abhishek joined Adobe through the acquisition of a leading programmatic adtech startup, Efficient Frontier, where he led the algorithms and research team. He has also worked in management consulting in the past.


Actively involved in research projects with academics at various top-tier universities, Abhishek’s work has been published at leading AI/ML conference settings and applied math journals. He also co-founded Adobe’s Data Science research awards program, which has handed out more than $5M of grants to faculty in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics programs at various U.S. universities. As an adjunct faculty member at Stanford University, he has taught a graduate-level elective at the Graduate School of Business since 2015. Abhishek has a PhD in Operations Research from the University of Maryland.



What’s not in his bio

Who is your hero in real life?
People (too many to name) who have defined, contributed and laid the foundational elements for a better society.

What/who inspires you?
The ability to solve real-world problems using methods and abstractions from mathematics, computer science and scalable systems.

Best book you’ve read in the last year?
The Book of Why – Pearl and Mackenzie. For anyone wanting to understand the challenges of developing a link between cause and effect, I would recommend this book. In this era of data and AI/ML where there is a tendency to make grand and often unfounded claims about this linkage, the book helps provide a framework to think about it the right way

Favorite robot?
The ones that will solve key problems for Bright Machines customers.