Giving eyes and brains to manufacturing

Our name embodies the work we do to deliver the intelligence to run modern manufacturing operations. By bringing both “brains” and “brawn” together in an integrated, end-to-end solution, we can tackle the assembly and inspection steps that require a degree of flexibility, adaptability, and dexterity that have historically been out of reach for machines.

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Our story

Bright beginnings

Bright Machines® was founded in 2018 by industry veterans who saw a unique opportunity to leverage a software-first approach to transform manufacturing. With our deep engineering expertise in software and hardware, coupled with domain experience gained from best-in-class manufacturing companies, we have built a full-stack solution for industrial automation. We are proud to partner with our growing list of customers – industry pioneers in their respective fields – to realize the promise of digital manufacturing and accelerate the deployment of intelligent factories.

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Our future

Solutions for today, with a vision for the future

Today, we work with a range of global manufacturing companies, spanning high-growth industry verticals. But this is just the start. In the future we will introduce new software solutions that apply data and algorithms to an even wider range of manufacturing operations, making them more efficient and effective over time. We call this Software-Defined Manufacturing and it is our vision for the industry.

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Innovation & Impact

Moving manufacturing forward

Supporting factories and factory workers is part of our DNA. As we grow, so will our efforts to best prepare the manufacturing industry ecosystem to take full advantage of the opportunities created by the latest technologies.

Innovation and Impact 



Founded by software and manufacturing industry veterans


Launched first software-defined microfactories


Bright Machines employees and counting


We help our customers assemble thousands of products every day

Our full-stack approach

We deliver modern manufacturing solutions that are intelligent, flexible, and scalable – driving greater resiliency and transparency across your entire production network.


Game-changing software that makes it easy to design and deploy flexible assembly lines.

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Bright Machines Microfactory

Fully programmable production lines – powered by Brightware – that intelligently automate repetitive assembly and inspection tasks.

Explore our intelligent solutions 

We work with you to apply our industry expertise and technology vision towards redesigning your manufacturing operations for whatever comes next.