Microfactories let you build with confidence

With our Bright Machines® Microfactories, the power of the Brightware® Platform and our intelligent software comes to life. Leveraging decades of deep software and manufacturing process expertise, we have designed an integrated, full-stack solution that acts as a fully-functioning production line – but with flexibility and scalability built in right from the start.

Bright Machines Microfactory

Embrace intelligent, automated assembly

Bright Machines Microfactories are a complete, programmable assembly line that is powered by the Brightware Platform. Microfactories are designed to enable you to build more units, at a lower cost, and with higher quality. A microfactory is created using modular factory automation building blocks, and pre-configured using Brightware Studio to perform standard assembly tasks.

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Factory-ready skills

Introducing: production recipes

Recipes describe the assembly sequence of your microfactory. Build the product variant desired by simply selecting the recipe for it from within Brightware Platform’s graphical user interface. Recipes include the detailed instructions needed to implement factory-ready skills such as pick and place, screwdriving, labeling, dispensing, computer vision, soldering, heat sink assembly and DIMM card insertion.

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Brightware Studio

Software-driven automation

Brightware makes it easy to use your Bright Machines Microfactory. Graphical controls simplify line operation, provide production visibility and enable self-serve line management.

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Ready for what comes next

Resilient and flexible manufacturing

Bright Machines Microfactories offer the flexibility and scalability you need to be successful in today’s dynamic market and ready for what comes next.

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Our expertise

Solutions that work for your business

Our diverse team has expertise in computer vision, machine learning, cloud computing, robotics and process engineering and can help you realize the benefits of these technologies in your factory. Bright Machines also offers advisory services to help you plan and implement your digital transformation.

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We work with you to apply our industry expertise and technology vision towards redesigning your manufacturing operations for whatever comes next.