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The Brightware® Platform Suite is a powerful collection of software tools designed to optimize manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness. At the heart of the suite is the Brightware Platform operating system that enables you to control your Bright Machines® Microfactories and make data-driven decisions that boost productivity and reduce waste. With the Brightware Platform Suite, you also have access to various cloud and on-premise applications that help you manage everything from quality control to key performance indicators and predictive maintenance. Download product brochure

Achieve optimal performance

Brightware Platform OS provides a common runtime environment that coordinates all hardware and software necessary to execute microfactory recipes. Standardizing the architecture simplifies the process of managing and servicing multiple lines, which translates to increased efficiency and scalability. With data organized in a standard model, you will easily perform meaningful benchmarking without additional data processing steps.

Experience platform-based standardization

Boost productivity

Our user-friendly Brightware Platform Performance app allows you to easily configure shift and downtime settings, track OEE KPIs and analyze the six significant losses with corresponding failure reasons. Ultimately this app provides in-depth insights into production processes, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and increased efficiency.

The cloud app incorporates machine learning-based inspection data to conduct failure force curve analysis on the DIMM insertion process. This cutting-edge technology boosts manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness, reducing scrap and increasing your bottom line.

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Drive efficiency

Brightware Platform Monitoring app provides real-time tracking of key performance indicators and insightful inventory status updates, providing what you need to optimize production efficiency and make data-driven decisions. With an easy-to-use overview of microfactory statuses, you’ll have a clear picture of production processes at a glance.

The Monitoring app can be implemented on-prem or in the cloud, serving up timely notifications and error handling so you can be sure that any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

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