Reduce complexity and quickly deploy automation

Brightware® Studio is a modern configuration environment that abstracts hardware devices and simplifies the process of planning, creating, and programming Bright Machines® Microfactories. The software has powerful built-in features that allow automation engineers to work more efficiently, saving time and effort. With the flexibility to make quick changes whenever needed, the focus will be on delivering quality results without any setbacks. Try Brightware Studio today and start multiplying your productivity like never before! Download product brochure

Save time by simplifying workflows

Streamline your product assembly process with Brightware Studio’s graphical recipe editor that allows you to easily define step-by-step instructions for all your products. Recipes are created through simple drop-down menu selections that include a full suite of common automation tasks. Plus, with Brightware Studio, modifying recipes to accommodate new product variants or hardware changes is effortless.

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Start collecting data on day one

Brightware Studio’s data mapping ensures standardized data collection from the Brightware Platform Suite, facilitating product traceability and continuous improvement. And any changes made in Brightware Studio are automatically updated without requiring remapping.

Easily make line updates or reconfigurations

With Brightware Studio, technicians can make updates to deployed lines without relying on costly and time-consuming engineering change orders (ECOs). You’ll be able to easily reconfigure your microfactory to adjust capacity or duplicate lines for rapid scaling. Plus, when it's time to shut down a line, Brightware Studio allows for easy hardware reconfiguration for use on other lines, with up to 80% of the hardware being reusable.

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