Bringing intelligence to assembly

With our game-changing Brightware® platform and new Brightware Studio software, we are making the design and deployment of flexible assembly lines simpler and more accessible than ever before. Using real-time data and machine learning, Brightware drives continuous improvements and provides the insights needed to increase production efficiency.

Brightware Studio

Democratizing assembly automation

Brightware Studio is an innovative new automation development environment that is seamlessly integrated with your Bright Machines®Microfactory. Using a low/no code workflow, it empowers you to quickly and easily configure flexible, scalable assembly lines. A single dashboard provides visibility across your entire line and makes it easy to monitor performance and get alerted when production drifts off plan.

Brightware Platform

Scalable architecture for digital transformation

Manufacturing operations are undergoing rapid digital transformation. The Brightware Platform consists of an operating system to manage the Bright Machines Microfactory lines, microservices to provide intelligence based on data and algorithms, and an API gateway enabling applications to connect with and leverage the platform’s capabilities.

See the solution

Powered by the Brightware Platform, Bright Machines Microfactories are a complete, fully programmable assembly line which can be deployed in Half the time of traditional automation deployments.*

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We work with you to apply our industry expertise and technology vision towards redesigning your manufacturing operations for whatever comes next.

*Estimates based on internal studies.