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A North American EMS company that produces critical and complex electronic assemblies for a major automotive manufacturer wanted a touchless solution that would enable connectivity and reporting features. They approached Bright Machines®with a request for an automated solution that could enable end-to-end traceability with inspection features for torque and angle values, gasket presence, and final product labeling.

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The original line relied on manual labor and had over 50 touchpoints that made it challenging to maintain continuity. The traditional reliance on manual labor limited the number of units that could be produced per hour, and it was challenging to monitor performance in real-time, ensure consistent quality, and identify and resolve issues on the line and adjust quickly.


A new, intelligent line from Bright Machines can maintain the same rate of production hour by hour, without having to rely on a human operator working a long shift. It also means the manufacturer can eliminate the need for specialized training — allowing for increased employee productivity, while still meeting the extremely high-quality demands of the end customer.

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With a Bright machines Microfactory, manufacturers can dramatically increase yield and quality while reducing headcount and defect rates.

Testing indicated that in this customer’s North American factory, unit production could be increased by 33% per hour, human touches could be reduced by 25%, defect rates could be reduced by over 85%, and assembly line staffing needs could be lowered by 50%.

And because the Bright Machines Microfactory is scalable, customers can easily reuse the same solution for additional lines, in other facilities and other geographies.

Based on internal company tests and projections.

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