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The assembly and inspection processes used to produce media hubs are manual and labor-intensive. The process typically requires eight human touch points, which limits the number of units that can be produced per hour and often results in high defect rates. With a flexible Bright Machines® Microfactory, assembly time can be decreased and yield rate dramatically improved.

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Components of these media hubs are very small and The components of media hubs are very small and require tremendous accuracy to perform insertion tasks without damaging the product. In the best-case scenario, defects are caught during the inspection process and discarded, but it is also possible that defective product could make its way into the car and eventually a customer’s driveway – resulting in expensive warranty costs and, worse, lost trust between the car company and their customer.


For this type of product, certain insertion tasks need to happen at specific angles to avoid damaging components, and this level of specificity and precision is a specialty of the Bright Machines Microfactory. While pick-and-place sounds like a simple task to automate, in reality, it requires precise rotation and positioning of the robot arms while also changing speeds from fast to slow. Precise programming can ensure that end-of-arm tools are hitting the right angles every time, at the right speed, and in a perfectly repeatable way.

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With a Bright Machines Microfactory, the need for human touches on an assembly and inspection line can be greatly reduced, enabling customers to drive down costs while minimizing human error.  Testing showed that with our solution, this customer could achieve a productivity increase of 60% and a unit per hour increase of 40%. 

Based on internal company tests and projections.

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