How We're Different

Our technology sets us apart. Our proprietary Smart Skills technology delivers human-like flexibility with the precision of advanced automation, making us unique with our data-centric approach to manufacturing.
Full-Stack Solution Across the Entire Manufacturing Life Cycle
Manufacturing Stages
Smart Skills
We bring AI into manufacturing and automation with Smart Skills: our easy-to-use 3D navigation system and machine learning-based visual inspection.
3D Navigation
Our 3D navigation system uses 2D, 3D, and force sensors to determine a part’s orientation and position for accurate assembly navigation. The Configurable End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) adapts to changing conditions and tolerates part variations during production assembly.
This process captures detailed 3D models of products embedded with metadata to enable automation processes. With vision training completed offline or configured on-the-fly, Bright Machines’ assembly navigation operates at subpixel accuracy, achieving automated tasks with over 98% First Pass Yield.
Machine Learning-Based Visual Inspection
Our smart visual inspection system utilizes our 3D assembly navigation capabilities and a collection of high resolution machine learning-based models to deliver real-time verification of each step of the manufacturing process for product and part quality control, safety, and traceability.
Our ML models, trained for anomaly detection and various classifications, inspect for component presence, latch closure, over-torqued screws, security tampering, and component count. The system can train new models with 2,000 samples and continuously improve accuracy over time.
NPI in < 4 hours:
Using Smart Skills’ detailed 3D model, our New Product Introduction (NPI) process can configure and train new server SKUs offline to deploy for assembly over the air (OTA). Our NPI process takes < 4 hours versus months compared to existing processes.
Zero product changeover time:
Our calibrated Bright Robotic Cells (BRCs) can be configured to assemble numerous new products seamlessly on the same assembly line. In production, our product changeovers require zero downtime.
Detect debris as fine as a strand of hair:
Our visual inspection capabilities leverage machine learning algorithms and computer vision to detect debris and anomalies as fine as a single strand of hair.
Software-First Architecture
Data Capabilities
We make automation accessible, efficient, and data-driven, giving companies complete control over their manufacturing processes.

Data is generated by our robotics hardware – sensors, robots, material feeders, and more – and mapped to process and product data. No data is lost because it is part of the end-to-end system itself. Our software capabilities can track traceability from unit to component to process, monitor errors and messages defined per user, and fulfill any customer data needs.  

On-prem and cloud-based data analysis apps further synthesize and visualize collected data by completing complex data analytics without new code or data pipelines. Bright Machines’ data streams into our Insights Applications, granting users visibility, clarity, and actionable optimization of their assembly lines.