Modernizing manufacturing across industries

We work with manufacturing companies worldwide and across various industry verticals to create a new category of intelligently automated factories.

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Networking Infrastructure

Reduce defects and scrap

Networking equipment consists of expensive components like CPUs and memory modules. Software-driven product assembly can help reduce defects, improve yields, and save on scrap costs.

Use data to improve DIMM insertion 
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Automotive Components

Implement product traceability

Traceability is important when assembling automotive components. Bright Machines® supports traceability using technologies like barcode scanning, RFID, machine vision and APIs to connect with factory systems.

Automated assembly of media hubs 
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Consumer Products

Replicate an assembly line

Popular consumer products can see demand spike unexpectedly. Software-driven assembly lines provide the ability to quickly and accurately replicate their configuration, making it easy to scale up production when you need it.

Cloning assembly lines 
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Industrial Products

Automate the entire assembly process

Assembling industrial products involves many application specific steps such as pick and place, screwdriving, labeling, and functional testing. All of these can be implemented with Bright Machines solutions, resulting in a line that is virtually touchless.

Testing integrated into the assembly line 

Customer deployments

Our full-stack approach

We deliver modern manufacturing solutions that are intelligent, flexible, and scalable – driving greater resiliency and transparency across your entire production network.


Game-changing software that makes it easy to design and deploy flexible assembly lines.

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Bright Machines Microfactories

Fully programmable production lines – powered by Brightware – that intelligently automate repetitive assembly and inspection tasks.

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Bright Machines Microfactories incorporate intelligent software and modular hardware that are pre-configured to meet your assembly line requirements.