Smart Robotics

Our smart robotics are software-driven and perform high-precision assembly tasks with the ability to make real-time adjustments during assembly navigation.  
Bright Machines Microfactories
Our Microfactories' modular approach allows for maximum flexibility. Powered by Brightware® Platform, Microfactories consist of robotic cells with end-of-arm tools, integrated material feeding, conveying systems, and Smart Skills navigation and inspection technology. Microfactories can also leverage collaborative robots (cobots) for maximum flexibility.

All operations collect real-time data, providing monitoring and end-to-end part and process traceability. Automation stations are equipped with quality inspection features that can identify production issues.
Bright Machines Manual Stations
Our manual stations employ the same data collection, monitoring, and traceability technology as our automation. On these stations, operators scan a unit, perform station-specific operations, and record results.

Additionally, our manual stations offer automated inspection capabilities. This feature provides operators with near real-time feedback on assembly quality, helping determine whether a product can proceed to the next station or requires rework.
Additional Product Capabilities
Our smart robotics leverage a robust software stack, comprising of advanced data capabilities, 3D navigation, and machine learning-based inspection.