Moving manufacturing forward

As the world struggles with labor shortages and races to resolve supply chain disruptions, we must elevate the conversation around the future of manufacturing. Working across private, public, and academic sectors, our aim is to develop scalable, implementable solutions that are beneficial for both the industry and the broader community at large.

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The time is now

Reskilling in the age of automation

As technology evolves, so does the relationship between humans and machines. When it comes to labor and the workplace, increased digitization means the set of skills needed for people to thrive inevitably shifts too. Consistent, proactive reskilling and upskilling are critical. Not only does this help to retain more motivated, engaged employees, it also enables companies to innovate faster, with a more highly trained workforce.

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Build better

Putting ideas into action

We are committed to developing public policy and programs aimed at shaping the future of work. As a former member of World Economic Forum’s Advanced Manufacturing Industry Taskforce, we helped to define and track future skill requirements, as well as establish transitions to new opportunities.

In the future, we will directly support local manufacturers with a network of regional innovation centers. These “Centers of Excellence” will provide access to state-of-the art technology, trusted manufacturing services, industrial automation skills training, and best practices for realizing the potential of modern manufacturing.

Supporting factories and factory workers is part of our DNA. As we grow, so will our efforts to best prepare all parts of the manufacturing industry ecosystem to take full advantage of the opportunities created by the latest technologies.

Our software-first approach

We deliver modern manufacturing solutions that are intelligent, flexible, and scalable – driving greater resiliency and transparency across your entire production network.


Game-changing software that makes it easy to design and deploy flexible assembly lines.

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Bright Machines® Microfactory

Fully programmable production lines – powered by Brightware – that intelligently automate repetitive assembly and inspection tasks.

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