Meet our full-stack, software-driven automation solution

We deliver an integrated, full-stack solution that acts as a fully functioning production line to provide the flexibility to adapt to fluctuating consumer demands and market changes.
Bright Machines Microfactories
Our Microfactories' modular approach allows for maximum flexibility. Powered by our Brightware Platform, Microfactories consist of robotic cells featuring end-of-arm tools, integrated material feeding and conveying systems, drivers, and Smart Skills navigation and inspection capabilities.

A Microfactory is pre-configured to perform standard and customizable assembly tasks. To date, we have successfully deployed over 100 Microfactories.
Brightware® Platform
Our Brightware® Platform operating system delivers a comprehensive, data-driven, and user-friendly solution for full automation of your assembly processes.

Brightware® Platform provides a flexible automation development environment for modular and iterative process configuration. Full integration with embedded data and Smart Skills expedites and optimizes your manufacturing line, ensuring easy adaptation to existing products and accelerating the NPI process.
Brightware® Applications
Our applications provide in-depth insights into production processes, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and increased efficiency.

We use data for machine learning, improving processes, refining product designs, and identifying errors. Such capabilities offer a level of insight and control unparalleled in the industry.
Examples of our apps include:
Streamlines manufacturing processes by demonstrating real time what is happening on the line and provides the user with the necessary information to take corrective actions as needed
Tracks the history of parts used in customer products, ensuring secure mapping and detailed insights to address quality-related issues and enhance product quality with high security
Provides detailed breakdowns and valuable performance analysis on assembly processes to boost OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and optimize production
Identifies correlations between the manufacturing process, part failures, and the supply chain, in order to spot patterns and zero-in on problem areas
Provides a software-based approach for in-production NPI to introduce new server types in <4 hours without stopping the production assembly line and significantly shortening the timeline to go-to-market
Leverages high resolution computer vision and machine-learning models trained for best-in-class server inspection to detect anomalies and defects pre- and post-assembly
Powered by
Smart Skills
Compared to traditional automation solutions, we utilize intelligent 3D/3-axis navigation and inspection machine learning algorithms – Smart Skills – to deliver superior precision and quality throughout the assembly process.
3D Navigation
3D Navigation
Our automation solution employs vision calibration to generate detailed 3D models of product prototypes. With vision training completed offline or configured on-the-fly, Bright Machines Microfactories navigate product assembly at subpixel accuracy.

As a result, our Microfactories can make simultaneous adjustments in the assembly process to account for inevitable unexpected changes in the production line environment.
Visual Inspection
Visual Inspection
Our visual inspection Smart Skills uses high-resolution computer vision and continuously improving machine learning models to detect anomalies and defects pre-and post-assembly.

Our inspection capabilities can detect anomalies, such as over-torqued screw heads, debris and opened vs. closed latches, to identify any potential issues in real-time.