Rethink server board assembly

We partner with manufacturers worldwide to create a new category of intelligent automation.


Improve quality

Server board assembly is problematic for humans to do successfully. Components are expensive and errors result in costly scrap and rework. We have a better way for manufacturers looking to onshore or nearshore production. Bright Machines® Microfactories can handle the speed and flexibility required and the cost efficiency needed to make this move.

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A modern and flexible future

With our Brightware® Platform it’s possible to collect component, product, process, and equipment data at all assembly stages to reduce scrap cost and improve product quality. We’re excited to work with global server manufacturers to create a new category of intelligently automated factories.

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Customer deployments

Our full-stack approach

We deliver modern manufacturing solutions that are intelligent, flexible, and scalable – driving greater resiliency and transparency across your entire production network.


Game-changing software that makes it easy to design and deploy flexible assembly lines.

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Bright Machines Microfactories

Fully programmable production lines – powered by Brightware – that intelligently automate repetitive assembly and inspection tasks.

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Bright Machines Microfactories incorporate intelligent software and modular hardware that are pre-configured to meet your assembly line requirements.