AI-Driven Software

Our software drives flexible assembly automation by integrating advanced navigation and machine learning-based inspection capabilities.
Design for Automated Assembly (DFAA)Coming Soon!
DFAA offers automation-friendly guidelines, validates server designs, and provides collaborative review capabilities leveraging Bright Machines’ deep knowledge in server assembly automation.

By giving early insight into automated assembly, DFAA helps mechanical design engineers reduce total production costs for OEMs and ODMs throughout the server life cycle.
Brightware® Studio
Brightware® Studio provides a flexible automation development environment for modular and iterative process configuration.

Full integration with embedded data and Smart Skills expedites and optimizes your manufacturing line, ensuring easy adaptation to existing products and accelerating the NPI (New Product Introduction) process.
Brightware® Platform
Our Brightware® Platform operating system delivers a comprehensive, data-driven, and user-friendly solution for full operation of your automated assembly processes.     

Built for line operators and technicians, Brightware Platform provides everything needed to run assembly line automation, including HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces) per automated assembly station, logs, and technical specs.
Brightware® Applications
Our applications provide in-depth insights into production processes, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and increased efficiency.

We use data for machine learning, process improvement, refining product designs, and identifying errors. Such capabilities offer a level of insight and control unparalleled in the industry.
Examples of our apps include:
Provides real time insights and control over all the lines in a manufacturing site for view of line-level KPIs. Automation engineers and line managers can monitor material availability and manage work orders, materials, and connections to existing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).
Centrally oversees Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and the Six Big Losses (for performance, availability, and quality insights) across various lines and locations. Conducts detailed analysis of assembly processes to enhance OEE and streamline production efficiency.
Securely tracks the detailed histories of every unit and component across production lines. Accelerates root cause analysis by leveraging unit traceability records to enhance quality and identify operational inefficiencies.
Performs continuous quality checks before and/or after operations at various assembly steps by leveraging high resolution computer vision and machine-learning models to detect anomalies,component presence, seating checks, and security tampering.
Leverages data-driven insights for proactive quality enhancements and optimized production. Investigates manufacturing processes, patterns, and part failures by mapping of all failures to their root causes.
Bright Machines’
Full-Stack Solution
Our set of software products operate in unison with our smart robotics, which are modular and designed to be adaptable.