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Drumroll please…Bright Machines is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

By Amar Hanspal, CEO, Bright Machines

July 1, 2019


We started Bright Machines with our eyes on a tremendous opportunity to change manufacturing for the better. Despite the introduction of automation to factories 30 years ago, fixed hardware investments have greatly limited flexibility and scalability in the factory, and automation’s true potential has yet to be unlocked. A novel idea, we set out to tackle this opportunity by applying AI-powered software to the physical world of factory robots.


Of course, transforming an entire industry is no small feat, but we’re proud of the progress we’ve made thus far. In the past year, we’ve built an outstanding team with deep domain expertise across software, machine learning, computer vision and robotics. We’ve opened a new outpost in Seattle, and just recently, introduced our software-defined microfactories  – bringing to life our vision for Software-Defined Manufacturing.


Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Today, I am thrilled to announce that Bright Machines has been named a 2019 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. Bright Machines was selected among hundreds of applicants for our innovative development of new technology, potential for long-term impact, and visionary leadership. Our vision is to transform manufacturing by leading the shift to intelligent, Software-Defined Manufacturing and this prestigious recognition is not only a massive testament to this vision, but a nod to the progress we’ve made since creating Bright Machines in 2018. We’re grateful to the World Economic Forum for the support, and for shining more light on the opportunity to improve factories around the world with intelligent software applied to adaptive robotics. It’s a bright future ahead, and we’re so excited for what’s next.


You can read more details of the recognition below and here.




World Economic Forum Names Bright Machines a 2019 Technology Pioneer


The World Economic Forum has announced its selection of the 56 most promising Technology Pioneers of 2019 who are shaping industries from agriculture and cleantech to modern policing and many more.


Companies like Bright Machines were selected for their potential to “transform their industries” and “improve society for years to come,” Fulvia Montresor of the World Economic Forum said.


The full list of recognized Technology Pioneers can be viewed here.


San Francisco, CA, July 1, 2019Bright Machines™ was selected among hundreds of candidates as one of the World Economic Forum’s 2019 “Technology Pioneers. Bright Machines was created in 2018 with a mandate to transform the manufacturing industry through software. By applying AI-powered software and microfactories to production lines, Bright Machines is bringing greater automation and intelligence to one of the largest industries in the world.


The World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers are early to growth-stage companies from around the world that are involved in the design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations, and are poised to have a significant impact on business and society.


This year’s Tech Pioneers are emerging innovators from a diverse set of industries. These firms are shaping the future by advancing technologies such as AI, IoT, robotics, blockchain, biotechnology and many more. The focus areas of this year’s Tech Pioneers include: agtech, smart cities, cleantech, supply chain, manufacturing, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles and drones. The diversity of these companies extends to their leadership as well, as 25% of 2019 Tech Pioneers are female led. The firms also come from many different regions beyond the United States and Silicon Valley. In fact, this year’s class of 56 firms represent every continent except Antarctica. The full list of technology pioneers can be found here.


“We’re excited to welcome Bright Machines to this year’s innovative class of technology pioneers,” says Fulvia Montresor, Head of Technology Pioneers at the World Economic Forum. “Bright Machines and its fellow pioneers are leaders in using novel technologies to transform their industries. We see great potential for these next generation companies to shape solutions to global challenges and improve society for years to come.”


“We are honored to be named a World Economic Forum 2019 Technology Pioneer,” said Amar Hanspal, CEO, Bright Machines. “Recognition like this sheds light on the massive opportunity ahead to reimagine factories for improved productivity, product quality and innovation across industries.”


The Technology Pioneers were selected by a selection committee of more than 59 academics, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporate executives. The committee based its decisions on criteria including innovation, potential impact and leadership. Past recipients include Airbnb, Google, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Palantir Technologies, Spotify, TransferWise, Twitter and Wikimedia.


All info on this year’s Technology Pioneers can be found here:


More information on past winners can be found here.



About Bright Machines


Bright Machines brings intelligence to the factory. Its Software-Defined Manufacturing solutions help customers meet the growing demands of a new era of manufacturing by bringing greater automation, flexibility and speed to the process of manufacturing physical goods. Bright Machines manufacture nearly 20 automotive, computer and electronic product brands on more than 25 manufacturing lines in seven countries around the world. With more than 400 employees worldwide, the company is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Seattle and Tel-Aviv. To learn more, visit



About World Economic Forum


The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world, is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. (

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