AQS and Bright Machines Raise the Bar for “Quality”

November 10, 2020 | 2 min read

Michael Lyon, Business Development, AQS

ALL QUALITY AND SERVICES (AQS-INC) is one of the most highly respected full-service contract manufacturers with almost 30 years of excellence and experience in the global contract electronic manufacturing services (CMS) and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) sectors. We have full-service factory locations in California, Texas, multiple locations in China, Hong Kong, and Korea. Recently, we selected Bright Machines as a global partner to support our mission to onshore manufacturing and streamline electronic assembly manufacturing as we support hardware startups and Fortune 100 companies alike. 

The Mission: High Quality

As a global leader, we take a full-service approach including providing rapid prototyping, full turnkey contract manufacturing, regulatory filings, engineering and design support, DFMA, and an extensive supply chain. 

Our mission is to provide our customers – across sectors – with a one-stop solution for all their needs so that they can thrive in any dynamic, competitive environment. To continue to retain and attract new customers, we’re always focused on improving margins and quality – we know that smart automation for assembly is a clear path to achieving this goal. 

Why Bright Machines

The use of automation in the manufacturing space has increased exponentially over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. To help our company better compete through lower costs, gained efficiencies, and higher quality, we turned to Bright Machines.

“For our team, the appeal of adding Bright Machines Microfactories in our factories boils down to three key benefits: lowering labor rates, improving profitability, and ensuring quality in our process.”

With nearly 30 years of experience, a sterling reputation to protect, and customers who demand perfection, there’s no wiggle room for sub-standard results. Taking advantage of modern technology, Bright Machines allows us to digitize our factory operations and improve both quality and output, providing another way for us to exceed customer expectations. 

Bright Machines’ software-first approach allows for high-quality performance, predictable outcomes, and a super flexible automation solution. A key reason we selected their solution is that their microfactories make scalability and reusability possible. We know that we’ll be able to repurpose or reconfigure our line to accommodate future product variations. 

What’s Next for AQS and Bright Machines

By implementing microfactories into our factories, our vision to streamline our assembly and inspection is becoming a reality – we’re thrilled to partner with Bright Machines and look forward to outstanding outcomes, including improved OEE. 

To learn more about our capabilities in building the backbone of AI, visit Bright Machines.

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