Software-Defined Manufacturing.

Leveraging computer vision, machine learning and adaptive robotics

Software-Defined Manufacturing paves the way for intelligent production lines and fully-programmable factories; making it easier to configure, replicate and scale automation, dramatically changing the economics, speed and flexibility of one of the world’s largest industries.  The time to re-imagine today’s factory is now.

Benefits of Software-Defined Manufacturing.

  • Introduces a higher level of intelligence to manufacturing through self-learning algorithms (AI).
  • Makes it easier to configure, replicate, scale and, ultimately, automate automation.
  • Digitizes factory operations, making them more transparent and accessible.


Today we’re automating assembly, inspection and testing with Bright Machines Microfactories. Marking the reinvention of assembly manufacturing, these new microfactories bring to life Bright Machines’ vision of Software-Defined Manufacturing, with factories getting “brighter,” programmable and more automated over time.