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Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Bright Machines' $126M Series C Round
Bright Ideas

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Bright Machines' $126M Series C Round

The Role of Upskilling in an Automated Future
Empowering Women: A Spotlight on Bright Machines' Female Engineers
A New Paradigm for the ‘AI Backbone’
Moving Toward Error-Free Assembly: Sensing and Software as Transformational Pillars in Manufacturing
Seeing Computer Vision in a New Light
Bright Machines Is Changing How Products Are Made
A Strategic Approach to Operationalizing Analytical Insights
Spotlighting Bright Machines Engineers
Manufacturing’s Future Is Software-Driven
Software-Defined Manufacturing

Manufacturing’s Future Is Software-Driven

Successfully Move Battery Production to the US
How to Avoid Automation Investment Pitfalls
Reshoring the Assembly of Data Center Infrastructure
Tackling Obstacles to Achieve Scalable Production
Moving Production Closer to Demand
A Wake-Up Call: Manufacturing and Sustainability
Avoid Inflated OpEx Expenses When Investing in Automation
Global Voices on Why a Career in Manufacturing Makes Sense
It’s Time to Rethink and Rebalance Manufacturing Operations
Revamping End-of-Life Technology Processes with Intelligent Automation
The Future of the Industry Lies with Software-Defined Manufacturing
Manufacturing Challenges on Your Mind?
Thinking About Moving Production Closer to Home? We Can Help
The Manufacturing Hub: Significant Benefits of Reshoring
The Manufacturing Hub: Taking Manufacturing Out of the Shadows
The Interlock Between Product Innovation and Marketing
Full Stack Automation: A Key for Keeping up with Server Demand
Welcome to the New Era of Manufacturing
With Greater Flexibility Comes Greater Resiliency
Innovation Made Easy with a Full Stack Solution  
Preparing Your Business for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Beyond
Celebrating Women in Manufacturing
Securing Manufacturing
Intelligent Automation

Securing Manufacturing

Manufacturing: Once a Great Equalizer, Now a Competitive Advantage
Black Swan or Invisible Hand of the Market? How the Pandemic’s Ripple Effects Will Shape Manufacturing
A New Chapter in Bright’s Story
Seven Metrics to Understand Your Factory’s Financial Health
Is Your Automation Automated? How Software Is Opening the Door for Increased Innovation in Manufacturing
Innovation Latency in Industrial Automation
Automated Microfactories Are the Future of Sustainable Production
Be Paranoid, Android: Here Come the Humans
Four Factors to Ensure Success on First Automation Projects
An Intelligent Platform for Innovation
Software-Defined Manufacturing

An Intelligent Platform for Innovation

Finding the Bright Spots in a Dark Year: 2020 Year in Review
Five Predictions for the Manufacturing Industry in 2021
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Top Six Manufacturing Stories of 2020
Automating Assembly - Crucial Step for Day One
AQS and Bright Machines Raise the Bar for “Quality”
National Manufacturing Policy Desperately Needs a Revamp
Design for Automated Product Assembly
‘Antifragility’ Meets Manufacturing: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity
Five Reasons Smart Automation Is a Good Investment
10 Reasons to Abandon Traditional Approaches to Production
Three Misconceptions, and One Popular Lie, About Industrial Automation
Bright Machines Brings New Value to Machines and Humans
Asteelflash Executive Talks Automation and Partnering with Bright Machines
No Loose Screws: How Automated Screwdriving System Assembly Can Create Consistent Product Quality
Making ‘Smart Meter’ Production Smarter with Next-Generation Automation
Industrial Automation: Good for Business, Good for the Planet
Bright Machines Microfactories Mark First Trip Around the Sun
Next-Gen Automation Increases Capacity, Reduces Cost of Household-Appliance Manufacturing
Helping Factories Get Back to Work
What OSHA’s New Workplace Guidelines Mean for Factories
Future-Proofing Production: Lessons from COVID’s Impact on Manufacturing
COVID-19 Is Creating a Perfect Storm for Manufacturing
Working Together to Find Viable COVID-19 Solutions
Manufacturing Innovation: Automating the Installation of Heat Sinks onto Circuit Boards
Manufacturing Together Through This Crisis
Taking Pain, Cost, and Scrap Out of Network Equipment Assembly
It’s Time for Tech to Lead Reskilling in the Age of Automation
Future-Proofing Your Supply Chain Against Disruption
Take the Headache Out of Factory Automation
Audio Device Manufacturer Amps up Production by 100%
Building Security Systems: Ramping up Production Reliability with Intelligent Assembly Automation
Small Company, Big(ger) Impact
Intelligent Automation

Small Company, Big(ger) Impact

Bright Machines Microfactories Automate Battery Module Assembly
EMS 2.0: What's Next for Electronics Manufacturing
The Inevitability of Technology Progression
Five Ways Manufacturers Can Win More Business
Calculating Automation ROI Just Got a New Variable: REUSE
Got Back-End Blues?
Intelligent Automation

Got Back-End Blues?

From Self-Driving Cars to Self-Driving Manufacturing
Back to School: Lessons from the Classroom to Make Factories Smarter
Six Considerations for Finding Your Best Automation Opportunities
Mature Automation Assembly: No Babysitting Required
Localized Microfactories - The New Face of Globalized Manufacturing
Why Companies Urgently Need to Rethink Their Automation Strategies
Predicting Manufacturing Outcomes
A Two-Part Q&A with Carl Bass – Part Two
A Two-Part Q&A with Carl Bass – Part One
Instant Factories
Software-Defined Manufacturing

Instant Factories

Designing User Experience for the Factories of Tomorrow
The Not-So-Obvious Upside of Automation
Commercial vs. Industrial Software Engineering: Differences & Key Tips
The Best Way to Make a Global Impact: Localization
Machine Vision and Manufacturing: A Reality 25 Years in the Making
A Conversation with Lior Susan, Founding Partner, Eclipse Ventures – Part II
A Conversation with Lior Susan, Founding Partner, Eclipse Ventures – Part I
Automation Brings Opportunity
Intelligent Automation

Automation Brings Opportunity

Demystifying Software-Defined Manufacturing
Software-Defined Manufacturing

Demystifying Software-Defined Manufacturing

From Bits to Atoms
Software-Defined Manufacturing

From Bits to Atoms

Auto Industry Takes Moore’s Law for a Drive
Bright Machines, Brilliant People
The Next Generation of Manufacturing
Software-Defined Manufacturing

The Next Generation of Manufacturing