A global server manufacturer needed a flexible solution to assemble its various server type configurations. With 3D navigation and ML-based visual inspection Smart Skills capabilities, Bright Machines introduced new server configurations through its NPI (New Production Introduction) process in <4 hours, 28x faster than the customer’s pervious manual assembly process.
Bright Machines uses the same assembly technology for disassembly. A data center services company needed help with its server decommissioning circular manufacturing operation. Bright Machines’ automated disassembly harvests components for reuse and provides 100% part and process genealogy for end-of-life process insights and true circular manufacturing.
A hyperscaler producing complex servers wanted to improve its production throughput (time required for a product to pass through the manufacturing process). Bright Machines’ Server Assembly Microfactory leveraged adaptable 3D navigation and force sensors across production to increase the hyperscaler's throughput by 2.5x.