Modernize how and where you make products

Our full-stack automation solutions streamline assembly and inspection processes, enabling you to deliver high-quality products faster and more efficiently. And with a continuous feedback loop you will improve operational performance across lines and factories, increasing quality, efficiency and traceability.

We want to help transform your factory into a data-driven business that provides a resilient future.

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How we support your digital transformation
Build closer to end customer
Our flexible automation enables the labor efficiency and increased throughput required to deliver outsized productivity and allows for a build where you sell strategy.
Achieve greater flexibility
Our software can be programmed to accommodate different instruction tasks that can be changed on the fly; can build multiple SKUs on the same line; and is modular, reconfigurable, and reusable over time.

Boost efficiency

Our full-stack solution means you will assemble more products with higher quality and at a faster rate than with only people. Plus, data helps optimize production processes & reduce lead times.

Improve quality

We give you real-time insights into production processes providing identification and correction of quality issues across production lines/factories.

Increase sustainability

With our data-centric approach, you will collect and analyze real-time insights, helping optimize resource usage and minimize waste, leading to reduced environmental impact.

Lower total cost of production

By automating tasks and processes with our full-stack solution, you will reduce labor costs and minimize material waste.

Our full-stack approach

We deliver modern manufacturing solutions that are intelligent, flexible and scalable - driving greater resiliency and transparency across your entire production network.

Flexible assembly

Bright Machines® Microfactories provide intelligent software and hardware building blocks allowing you to ramp up production, switch between SKUs, and adapt to product variations seamlessly.

Intelligent insights

Brightware® Platform Suite is a comprehensive offering that includes our automation operating system and several applications that deliver benefits including real-time insights and OEE optimization.

Scalable production

Brightware Studio is the ultimate solution for self-serve production line management. With pre-integrated functionality and automated data generation you’ll have insights for better predictions. And with our Smart Skills you will get started with new product introductions (NPI) in hours, not weeks.

Meaningful customers results



A US multinational cybersecurity company needed to reduce labor costs and knew intelligent automation was its path forward. With Bright Machines this OEM saw a 69% reduction in cost of unit produced with an 11-month capex payback.



A smoke detector manufacturer needed to scale up capacity of at new factory North American factory. Turning to Bright Machines’ it saw a 98% FPY, increased unites per hour by 30%, decreased operators from 20 to 2 and increased OEE to 85%.



With labor costs, quality, traceability, and processes improvement as essential metrics of success, Bright Machines helped transform a manufacturing line producing complex electronic assemblies for a major automotive manufacturer, including an 88% reduction in defect rate and 50% in line operators, and an increase of 33% in unit production.

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Bright Machines is proud to be recognized by leading organizations for our efforts to drive innovation and excellence in manufacturing.

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Best AI-based Solution for Manufacturing

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Best in Business: Manufacturing

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