Our Assembly & Disassembly Solutions

Meet the intelligent solutions building the hardware that powers the backbone of AI. Our solutions focus on the assembly and disassembly of AI components, such as CPU- and GPU-based servers, GPU systems, data storage equipment and battery modules.
Automated Assembly
CPU and GPU-based Server
Our solutions help manufacturers scale throughput for CPU- and GPU-based server assembly with Microfactories consisting of Bright Robotic Cells (BRC’s) powered by our Smart Skills, which enable our full-stack solution across the board. Our server assembly Microfactories can assemble 50 units per hour at 99% first pass yield.
GPU System
Increase yield and output quality needed to manage GPU's high demand and lofty hardware component cost of >$150k. Our high precision automation uses force sensors to assemble Graphics Processing Units (GPU) with great accuracy. Our GPU assembly solutions employ independent controls and checking systems for zero-scrap operations and significant cost savings to customers.
Data Storage
Automate the assembly of data storage devices, such as HDDs (hard disk drives) and SSDs (solid-state drives). Drive insertion and latch handling operations are directed and supervised by Smart Skills, which utilizes continuous force feedback and unique vision algorithms. Within product families, our system makes real-time adjustments in assembly placements for high quality output.
Battery Module
Increase throughput with automated energy storage assembly to build a range of battery cells into battery modules. Additional battery module assembly skills include unboxing, sorting cell grades, labeling, screwing, adhesive & thermal paste dispensing, and welding. Using electrical test and vision systems, our Battery Module Microfactories verify product quality and part traceability while performing at a higher speed and accuracy than existing manual assembly processes.
Automated Disassembly
Circular Manufacturing
Changing the end-of-life process for servers and data centers requires both intelligent technology and a different way of thinking. It’s time to set sights on improving profitability and positive environmental impact connected to reusing and recycling parts. Bright Machines® Microfactories intelligently sort, separate, and remove components for reuse and recycling.