Introducing Software-Defined Microfactories.

Bright Machines Microfactories are comprised of integrated elements that together provide a modern, AI-powered approach to automation:


Brightware™ cloud-based software for design, simulation, and deployment of the configuration and instructions used to setup, reconfigure and run any number of physical production lines.


Bright Robotic Cells (BRC) pre-integrated and production-ready modular units, based on adaptive robotics technology, that can be configured to meet the manufacturing needs of the product being assembled.

Brightware software on laptop

Real Benefits.

  • Reduce initial deployment and changeover time.
  • Improve return on capital investment by easily repurposing equipment.
  • Deliver efficient space utilization on the factory floor.
  • Enable predictive maintenance with data analytics.
  • Replicate lines quickly and scale up as business grows.
microfactory software defined