Take the Headache Out of Factory Automation

February 26, 2020 | 3 min read

Greg Eden, CMO, Bright Machines

Automation is good for manufacturers and, ultimately, the people buying and using the products being made. So, why isn’t it much more pervasive in today’s factories? Part of the answer can be found in that popular catchphrase from that old movie about political malarkey: “follow the money.”

Automation invariably improves the performance of a production line. It improves the quality of the products being made and increases what’s possible in terms of speed, yield and volume. And, at a time when factory managers are challenged to find and keep enough workers to meet the rising demand for more products and smarter products, automation helps manufacturers navigate the many challenges that come with the manual assembly of products.

So, what’s deterring manufacturers from automating more? As I said, follow the money. The biggest rock getting in the way of automation happens before a single product is even manufactured: purchasing automation equipment. Buying factory automation solutions today is too complicated and costly. At times it is even mysterious as some providers hide component mark-ups and change orders into a purchase agreement. The procurement process can be so daunting that it convinces many manufacturers to stick with the status quo and continue to rely on outdated, manual production processes rather than deal with the headache of purchasing factory automation.

Finally, an Easier and More Transparent Way to Automate

Today, we’re making it easier than ever to get started with automation – beginning with the procurement process. We’ve just announced Bright Machines Select, our new microfactory-as-a-service model that allows manufacturers to quickly and easily introduce automation into their factories without costly surprises. Are you an Amazon Prime member? Subscribers to Amazon Prime gain all-inclusive access to shopping deals and entertainment content for a flat monthly fee. Bright Machines Select is like that. With Select, manufacturers gain access to our next-generation automation solution for an annual fee. 

We’ve been road-testing Bright Machines Select with several customers over the past few months and it has already earned several fans. Here’s why:

  1. The almost instant ROI is hard to pass up. No more waiting two or three years to see a return on investment. That’s a game changer in the world of manufacturing with speed wins and time kills.
  2. Select allows you to put our intelligent, configurable robotic cells on your payroll. Financially, we are matching the labor performed by our Bright Machines to your operating costs.
  3. Select aligns our customers’ success with our own. When our customers win, we win. Select creates a tighter bond between our customers’ operations and our value to their manufacturing lines. We like the accountability it places on Bright Machines to perform and earn our customer’s trust every day.

Now any manufacturer can learn what these early Select-subscribers have: Automation deployment doesn’t have to be a painful and complicated process. Manufacturers of all sizes and needs have a flexible and affordable way to access the benefits of cutting-edge automation – without the headache.

To learn more about our capabilities in building the backbone of AI, visit Bright Machines.

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